Our team of designers continuously conduct in depth market analysis and extensive industry forecasting in order to create innovative designs and market leading products. Each design is drawn from the knowledge and appreciation of what today’s challenging consumers need.


At CKM we understand that achieving a high quality finish is only possible through the acquisition of excellent raw materials. Our ability to maintain this quality whilst retaining the lowest shipment costs; is based on our unrivalled ability to sustain an efficient and sustainable sourcing strategy.


Our highly skilled team of merchandisers, buyers, designers, quality control experts and product development specialists continuously work with factories in order to monitor and safeguard each and every products quality and requirements.


Innovative logistics solutions are methodically planned in advance and are put in motion the instant the product leaves the factory, ensuring that every product reaches the shop floor with the smoothest journey.


A truly encompassing supply chain sees the product through from inception & production through to the consumer. The journey CKM provides is built to be sustainable, efficient and scalable. We work with leading High Street brands and supply private labels to more than 3000 points of sale locations.