As a global fast fashion supplier of women’s apparel CKM understands that producing a more environmentally friendly range is vital in our current climate. With environmental concerns at the forefront of the fashion industry globally it has fast become our goal to create a range of more sustainable garments which remain affordable to our clients as well as their end consumers. The CKM recycled range features 28 styles produced entirely from Recycled PET Fabric and includes dresses, tops and more. One garment being made from an average of 8-15 recycled plastic bottles, which would otherwise have ended in landfills or as ocean waste from plastic spillage. Based on the consideration that a garment which uses more fabric equating to the use of more PET bottles. Recycled PET Fabric is more sustainable than alternatives for a number of reasons particularly for the steps it takes towards creating an open loop lifecycle for waste PET materials, allowing the material to find second and third uses beyond its initial life. Firstly because it re-directs plastic bottles from landfills and from spilling out into oceans with reports suggesting that of the 38.5m plastic bottles used each day in the UK just over half are recycled with less than 7% of the bottles collected being turned into new bottles. It requires 86% less water and 70% less energy to produce than conventional virgin polyester fabrics, creating an estimated 75% less C02 emissions than its traditional counterpart. In addition it does not require new petroleum to produce which in return reduces the environmental impact of the material further. Additionally it helps eliminate the need to dispose of waste PET materials by burning which in return reduces the release of toxic fumes into the atmosphere and there reduces the impact on the environment caused by the disposal process. Since polyester accounts for around 60% off the global production of PET plastics used recycled PET Fabric allows a more circular lifecycle for the production of new garments. The fibre uses collected PET bottles as the raw material, these bottles are sterilised, dried and shredded to create small chips. These chips are then processed through a spinneret to create the yarn which forms the basis of the fabric before being passed through a crimping machine and woven into fabrics used to create the end garments.

Recycled PET Bottles


Shredding & Grinding

Yarn Production

Woven Fabric Production

Final Fabric for Garments
The CKM range will be launched with womenswear brand Izabel London in late 2020 and will feature selected styles from our recycled range. This will be their first collection of sustainable garments and they have worked closely with us in the production of the range with the core customers in mind. Izabel London are incredibly excited to launch the collection and will be launching it as an online exclusive before launching in their 200+ concession store locations before the end of the season.